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30+ Great Things to Do in Spartanburg SC 2024

Looking for Fun Things to Do in Spartanburg SC?

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Spartanburg is a charming city nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, offering a wealth of natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture. As the county seat of Spartanburg County, this delightful destination has much to offer visitors of all ages. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, history buff, or art lover, Spartanburg has something for everyone.

Spartanburg offers a delightful blend of natural beauty, captivating history, and rich cultural experiences. Whether exploring the great outdoors, immersing yourself in the city’s fascinating past, or enjoying the artistic and culinary delights, Spartanburg enchants visitors of all ages. So pack your bags and embark on an unforgettable adventure.

Great Things to Do in Spartanburg SC

1. Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve

Address: 832 John B White Sr Blvd, Spartanburg, SC 29306

Nestled in the heart of Spartanburg, the Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve is a captivating oasis of natural beauty. This enchanting botanical garden is spread across 10 acres and features winding walking paths, vibrant flower beds, and lush greenery. You can embark on a stroll, marvel at the stunning plant collections, and listen to the soothing sounds of nature. 

Keep an eye out for the diverse wildlife that calls this sanctuary home. Whether you’re a nature lover, a photography enthusiast, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve is a must-visit destination in Spartanburg.

Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve

2. Cleveland Park

Address: 141 N Cleveland Park Dr, Spartanburg, SC 29303

This picturesque park offers a wide range of outdoor activities and amenities. Take a leisurely stroll along the winding trails and picnic by the scenic lake near the gazebo.

Kids will delight in the playgrounds, while sports enthusiasts can make use of the tennis courts, baseball fields, and soccer fields, with its beautiful landscapes and abundant recreational options.

3. Hub City Railroad Museum

Address: 298 Magnolia St, Spartanburg, SC 29303

Step back in time and uncover the fascinating railroad history of Spartanburg at the Hub City Railroad Museum. Located in the heart of the city, this captivating museum offers a glimpse into the important role that railroads played in shaping the region. Explore the exhibits showcasing vintage trains, locomotives, and railroad artifacts. 

Discover the stories of the engineers, conductors, and passengers who journeyed through Spartanburg’s rails. Interactive displays and informative presentations bring history to life for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re a train enthusiast or simply curious about the past, the Hub City Railroad Museum is a must-visit destination in Spartanburg.

Train Car

4. Spartanburg Art Museum

Address: 200 E St John St, Spartanburg, SC 29306

Immerse yourself in the world of art and creativity at the Spartanburg Art Museum. Located in the vibrant city of Spartanburg, this dynamic museum showcases a diverse range of artistic expressions. Explore the captivating galleries filled with thought-provoking paintings, sculptures, and mixed-media installations. 

From contemporary works to traditional masterpieces, there’s something to inspire and captivate every visitor. The museum also hosts engaging workshops, artist talks, and special events that provide an opportunity to connect with the local arts community. Whether you’re an art aficionado or simply appreciate the beauty of artistic expression, the Spartanburg Art Museum is a must-see destination in the city.

Contemporary Art

5. Craft Axe Throwing – Spartanburg

Address: 226 W Main St, Suite D, Spartanburg, SC 29306

Located in the heart of the city, Craft Axe Throwing offers a thrilling activity that combines skill, competition, and a touch of lumberjack flair. Step into the rustic venue and learn the art of axe throwing under the guidance of experienced coaches. Test your aim as you hurl axes at wooden targets, aiming for the bullseye. 

Whether you’re a seasoned thrower or a complete beginner, Craft Axe Throwing provides a safe and exciting environment for an unforgettable time with friends, family, or coworkers. Get ready to unleash your inner lumberjack and have a blast at Craft Axe Throwing in Spartanburg!

Axe on Wall

6. Chapman Cultural Center

Address: 200 E St John St, Spartanburg, SC 29306

Located in the heart of the city, this vibrant center is a hub for artistic expression and community engagement. Step inside and discover multiple theaters, galleries, and studios that come alive with performances, exhibitions, and workshops throughout the year.

From theater productions and live music concerts to visual art displays and dance performances, there’s always something captivating happening at Chapman Cultural Center. 

Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a lover of live performances, or simply seeking inspiration, the Chapman Cultural Center is a must-visit destination in Spartanburg. Experience the magic of creativity and culture in this dynamic cultural hub.


7. Glendale Shoals Preserve & Waterfalls

Address: Emma Cudd Rd, Spartanburg, SC 29302

Step into a tranquil oasis of natural beauty at Glendale Shoals Preserve & Waterfalls in Spartanburg. This hidden gem offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Explore the preserve’s well-maintained trails as they wind through lush greenery, leading you to the mesmerizing waterfalls that cascade over rocky ledges. 

Take in the sights and sounds of the babbling streams and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of the surrounding forest. Whether you’re an avid hiker, a nature enthusiast, or simply seeking a moment of tranquility, Glendale Shoals Preserve & Waterfalls is the perfect place to reconnect with nature and find solace in Spartanburg.

Glendale Shoals Preserve & Waterfalls

8. Barnet Park

Address: 248 E St John St, Spartanburg, SC 29306

Located in the heart of downtown, this expansive park offers a plethora of recreational activities and community events. Take a leisurely stroll along the walking paths, relax on the lush green lawns, or have a picnic with family and friends. 

The park also hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including live music concerts, festivals, and cultural celebrations. With its beautiful landscapes, lively atmosphere, and engaging community spirit, Barnet Park is the perfect destination for outdoor fun and entertainment in Spartanburg.

Barnet Park - things to do in spartanburg sc

9. Croft State Park

Address: 450 Croft State Park Rd, Spartanburg, SC 29302

Croft State Park is a sprawling natural playground nestled in the scenic landscapes of Spartanburg, which spans over 7,000 acres. This picturesque park offers a wide range of activities for nature enthusiasts and outdoor lovers alike.

Explore the extensive network of trails, perfect for hiking, biking, and horseback riding, while immersing yourself in the beauty of the surrounding flora and fauna. 

Cast your fishing line into one of the three lakes, or embark on a boating adventure, enjoying the tranquil waters. With its diverse wildlife, stunning vistas, and recreational opportunities, Croft State Park is a must-visit destination for outdoor enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable experience in Spartanburg.

10. NCG Cinema – Spartanburg

Address: 1985 E Main St, Spartanburg, SC 29307

Experience the magic of the big screen at NCG Cinema in Spartanburg. This state-of-the-art movie theater is the go-to destination for film enthusiasts and entertainment seekers.

With its comfortable seating, crystal-clear digital projection, and immersive sound system, NCG Cinema provides a top-notch cinematic experience. 

Sit back, relax, and indulge in the latest blockbusters, family-friendly flicks, or critically acclaimed films. Treat yourself to a bucket of buttery popcorn and a refreshing beverage from the concession stand.

Whether on a date night, enjoying a family outing, or simply looking for a fun escape, NCG Cinema in Spartanburg is the ultimate destination for movie magic and entertainment galore.

Cinema Tickets

11. Edwin M. Griffin Nature Preserve

Address: Beechwood Dr, Spartanburg, SC 29307

Discover a hidden gem of natural beauty at the Edwin M. Griffin Nature Preserve. Located in Spartanburg, this serene preserve offers a tranquil escape into the wonders of nature.

With its lush forests, meandering trails, and peaceful atmosphere, the preserve is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the wilderness as you explore the well-maintained trails. Observe the diverse plant and animal life that thrives within the preserve, and keep an eye out for native birds soaring through the sky.

The preserve’s picturesque landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for a leisurely walk, peaceful meditation, or quiet reflection.

Whether you’re seeking solitude in nature or looking for a place to reconnect with loved ones, the Edwin M. Griffin Nature Preserve offers a serene environment for all. Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and embark on a journey of discovery and rejuvenation in this beautiful sanctuary of Spartanburg.

12. Hub City Farmers Market

Address: 498 Howard St, Spartanburg, SC 29303

Experience the vibrant atmosphere of the Hub City Farmers Market, where freshness meets community spirit in Spartanburg. This bustling market brings together local farmers, artisans, and food producers, offering a delightful array of farm-fresh produce, handmade crafts, and delectable treats.

Stroll through the market stalls, taking in the vibrant colors and aromas of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Engage with friendly vendors who are passionate about their products and eager to share their knowledge. Discover unique handmade crafts, artisanal goods, and locally sourced products that reflect the creativity and talent of the community.

Not only does the Hub City Farmers Market provide an opportunity to support local businesses, but it also fosters a sense of community. Connect with neighbors, gather with friends, and enjoy the live music and lively atmosphere.

From educational workshops to cooking demonstrations, the market offers a variety of activities that celebrate the importance of sustainable living and healthy eating.

Whether you’re a foodie, a supporter of local businesses, or simply looking for a vibrant community gathering, the Hub City Farmers Market is the place to be. Experience the bounty of freshness, the warmth of community, and the spirit of Spartanburg at this lively market.

Farmers Market

13. The Daniel Morgan Trail System, aka “The Dan”

This extensive trail system offers a network of paths that wind through scenic landscapes, providing endless exploration and outdoor recreation opportunities.

Whether you’re a hiker, cyclist, or nature enthusiast, The Dan has something for everyone. Lace up your hiking boots or hop on your bike and venture along the well-marked trails that traverse diverse terrain, including forests, meadows, and waterfront areas. As you journey through The Dan, you’ll encounter breathtaking views, native wildlife, and serene natural surroundings.

The Daniel Morgan Trail System is more than just a pathway—it’s a gateway to outdoor enjoyment and wellness. Take a leisurely stroll, challenge yourself to a trail run, or gather with friends for a picnic at one of the designated spots.

The Dan is also a popular destination for birdwatching, photography, and nature study, allowing you to connect with the beauty of Spartanburg’s natural wonders.

14. Historic Duncan Park

Address: 1000 Duncan Park Dr, Spartanburg, SC 29302

This cherished park has a rich history and offers many recreational opportunities for visitors of all ages.

Originally established in the early 1900s, Duncan Park has been a beloved gathering place for generations. Take a stroll through the park and soak in the historical ambiance, with its charming architecture and well-preserved landmarks.

The park boasts a variety of amenities, including playgrounds, picnic areas, and sports fields, providing endless possibilities for outdoor fun and family outings. Challenge your friends to a baseball, soccer, or basketball game on the well-maintained areas. Let the kids unleash their energy on the playgrounds or enjoy a delightful picnic amidst the picturesque surroundings.

As you explore Duncan Park, you’ll also discover its significance in the local community. It has been a venue for concerts, festivals, and community events, fostering a sense of togetherness and celebration.

15. The Speed Factory

Address: 130 E Daniel Morgan Ave, Spartanburg, SC 29306

This thrilling indoor karting facility is the ultimate destination for those seeking high-speed fun and friendly competition.

Step into The Speed Factory, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by a state-of-the-art indoor track that will put your racing skills to the test. Climb into a sleek, high-performance go-kart and prepare to zoom around hairpin turns and straightaways, experiencing the adrenaline rush of real racing.

indoor karting

16. UnderPin Lanes ‘N Lounge

Address: 127 W Main St, Spartanburg, SC 29306

This vibrant entertainment venue offers a perfect blend of bowling and a laid-back lounge atmosphere, making it a go-to spot for family outings, date nights, or a night out with friends.

From cosmic bowling with glow-in-the-dark lights to themed nights and tournaments, there’s always something happening at UnderPin to keep the fun rolling.

Playing a game of bowling

17. The Children’s Museum of the Upstate

Address: 130 Magnolia St, Spartanburg, SC 29306

Designed to ignite young minds and foster a love for discovery, this interactive museum offers endless opportunities for children to engage, create, and have fun.

Step inside, and you’ll find a vibrant and welcoming space filled with interactive exhibits and engaging activities. From science and technology to arts and culture, each exhibit is carefully curated to provide children with educational experiences that are both enriching and entertaining.

Watch as your child’s eyes light up while they explore a miniature town, climb on giant structures, or conduct their own science experiments. The museum encourages children to use their imaginations, ask questions, and actively participate in hands-on activities that promote creativity and critical thinking.

But it’s not just about the exhibits. The Children’s Museum of the Upstate also offers a variety of programs and workshops where children can dive deeper into specific subjects and engage in guided learning experiences. There’s always something new and exciting to discover, from art classes to STEM workshops.

With its welcoming atmosphere and child-friendly design, The Children’s Museum of the Upstate provides a safe and engaging space for children to learn, play, and make lasting memories. It’s a place where curiosity is nurtured, imagination is celebrated, and the joy of learning is experienced firsthand.

18. Big Air Spartanburg Trampoline Park

Address: 660 Spartan Blvd #200, Spartanburg, SC 29301

This ultimate indoor playground is a haven for thrill-seekers, offering a wide range of attractions that will have you bouncing, flipping, and soaring through the air.

Step inside Big Air, and you’ll be greeted by a sprawling trampoline park filled with interconnected trampolines, foam pits, and exciting features. Whether you’re a seasoned jumper or trying it out for the first time, the park caters to all ages and skill levels.

Bounce your way across wall-to-wall trampolines, challenge your friends to a game of dodgeball, or practice your acrobatic skills on the tumble tracks. Dive into a foam pit or test your balance on the slackline. There’s no shortage of excitement and adrenaline-fueled activities at Big Air.

But it’s not just about the trampolines. The park also offers other attractions like climbing walls, ninja warrior courses, and arcade games, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to conquer new heights or engage in friendly competition, Big Air provides a thrilling experience for all.

19. Seay House

Address: 106 Darby Rd, Spartanburg, SC 29306

Immerse yourself in the rich history of Spartanburg by visiting the Seay House, a captivating historical treasure that offers a glimpse into the past. This beautifully preserved house, located in Spartanburg, takes you on a journey back in time to experience the elegance and charm of a bygone era.

Step inside the Seay House, and you’ll be transported to the late 19th century, a period characterized by architectural grandeur and refined living. Explore the rooms adorned with period furnishings, intricate woodwork, and exquisite decor, all meticulously curated to showcase the elegance of the Victorian era.

20. Escape Room Adventures & Virtual Reality

Address: 1220 John B White Sr Blvd, Spartanburg, SC 29306

Step into Escape Room Adventures and prepare to test your wits and problem-solving skills. Each meticulously designed escape room presents a thrilling challenge, where you and your team must work together to solve puzzles, unravel mysteries, and escape before time runs out. With a variety of themes and difficulty levels, there’s a room to suit every taste and level of experience.

Enter the realm of virtual reality, where you can step into a new world and embark on unforgettable adventures. Put on a VR headset and find yourself transported to fantastical landscapes, engaging in heart-pounding action, or exploring new dimensions.

Someone playing Virtual Reality

21. Airport Park

Address: 500 Ammons Rd, Spartanburg, SC 29306

Discover a hidden gem in Spartanburg at Airport Park, a picturesque recreational haven that blends outdoor activities with natural beauty. Located near the Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport, this expansive park offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city, inviting visitors to unwind, explore, and enjoy the great outdoors.

As you enter Airport Park, you’ll be greeted by lush green spaces, towering trees, and well-maintained walking trails that meander through the park’s serene landscape. Lace up your walking shoes or hop on a bike to embark on a stroll or invigorating ride, surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature.

The park boasts a range of amenities to cater to all ages and interests. Play a game of frisbee on the open fields, challenge friends to a round of volleyball or basketball on the courts, or bring the little ones to the playground for hours of laughter and fun. There’s something for everyone at Airport Park.

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the park’s tranquil pond, where you can relax, observe wildlife, or try your hand at fishing. Pack a picnic and unwind at one of the shaded picnic areas, or simply find a quiet spot to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.

22. Love Where You Live Mural

Address: Downtown Spartanburg

This captivating mural in a prominent public space serves as a colorful testament to the community spirit and pride that defines Spartanburg.

As you approach the Love Where You Live Mural, you’ll be greeted by a burst of vibrant colors and intricate designs that depict scenes and symbols representing the essence of Spartanburg. The mural serves as a visual celebration of the city’s rich history, diverse culture, and strong bond among its residents.

The mural has become a popular backdrop for photos, allowing both locals and visitors to capture memories against this captivating work of art. It has also become a gathering point and a source of inspiration, where people come together to admire the artwork and share their love for Spartanburg.

23. The Rail Yard | Panthers NFL Play60 course

Address: 353 Forest Ave, Spartanburg, SC 29302

The Rail Trail, located just south of Downtown Spartanburg, is a highly popular outdoor attraction that allows residents and visitors to enjoy nature. One of its notable features is the Rail Yard, which includes an exercise and yoga pad and a pavilion designed like a trolley, paying homage to Spartanburg’s history with railways.

Additionally, there are amenities like a water station for people and pets, a misting station to cool off in hot weather, and a picnic spot for outdoor meals.

The Rail Yard has gained immense popularity near Forest Avenue due to its unique fitness stations and natural surroundings. It has also garnered attention for its dedicated area inspired by the Carolina Panthers NFL team.

This park incorporates NFL Combine workout elements to encourage youth engagement through the league’s Play 60 initiative. While the course, which includes a 40-yard dash area and various obstacles, is primarily designed for children, it is open to people of all ages. So, when you visit, remember to test your 40-yard dash time. 

Football on Field

24. Sparkle City Mini Putt

Address: 145 W Broad St, Spartanburg, SC 29306

Sparkle City Mini Putt is an exciting addition to downtown Spartanburg, offering a permanent, 9-hole mini golf course that reflects the local culture and themes of the city.

It is located on a previously empty lot in the heart of downtown. One unique aspect of this mini golf course is that it is completely free and open to the public.

Visitors can bring their golf balls and putter or rent them at no cost from various local businesses in downtown Spartanburg. These businesses, including The Coffee Bar, Growler Haus, The Local Hiker, Dottie’s Toffee, and the Paisley Paw, offer the equipment in exchange for a valid ID.

Mini Golf

25. Spartanburg Little Theatre

Address: 200 E St John St, Spartanburg, SC 29302

This local theater has a rich history and is known for its outstanding performances and contributions to the arts community. The Spartanburg Little Theatre showcases diverse theatrical productions throughout the year, including plays, musicals, and other live performances.

With a dedicated team of talented actors, directors, and crew members, they consistently deliver high-quality shows that captivate and entertain audiences.

Theater Seating

26. Hot Spot Skate Park

Address: 339 Union St, Spartanburg, SC 29306

Opened in 2009, the park boasts an array of street-style features designed to cater to skateboarders and other action sports enthusiasts. These features include steps, rails, ramps, and ledges that mimic the urban environment. 

Additionally, the park offers a flow course incorporating a pyramid structure and a half pipe equipped with escalators, a spine, a camel hump, and an impressive eight-foot vertical ramp leading back into the pyramid.

With its diverse and challenging elements, the park provides an exciting venue for riders to showcase their skills and push their limits.


27. Hobo Hollar Farms

Address: 124 Old Converse Rd, Spartanburg, SC 29307

Hobo Hollar Farms is a local produce stand that provides a diverse selection to its customers. The farm takes pride in growing a substantial portion of its own vegetables and cultivating blueberry bushes, peach trees, plum trees, and various other crops. 

With their produce stand, Hobo Hollar Farms offers a convenient and accessible way for people to access fresh and locally grown fruits, vegetables, and other farm products. By supporting local vendors and emphasizing self-grown produce, the farm aims to provide high-quality and nutritious options to the community.

28. Hearts of Clay

Address: 660 Spartan Blvd Suite 20, Spartanburg, SC 29301

The Paint Your Own Pottery Studio has been a beloved creative hub since its establishment in 1998. This spacious and inviting studio provides a relaxing atmosphere where individuals of all ages can unleash their creativity and design unique pieces of art for themselves or their loved ones.

With a wide range of artistic options available, including pottery painting, clay hand-building, canvas painting, and glass fusion, the studio welcomes both experienced artists and beginners. Whether you prefer to walk in and start painting pottery, experiment with clay, express yourself on canvas, or try your hand at the captivating art of glass fusion, the studio has something for everyone.

In addition to the walk-in services, the Paint Your Own Pottery Studio also offers classes for those looking to expand their skills. From pottery painting and pottery wheel techniques to clay sculpting and canvas painting, there are various opportunities to learn and grow in a supportive environment.

Painting Pottery

Breweries in Spartanburg SC

🍺 Rockers Brewing Co. & Restaurant

Address: 226-A W Main St, Spartanburg, SC 29306

First opened in April 1997 with a mission to introduce beer enthusiasts to the art of handcrafted brews. Over the years, the brewery has undergone several location changes, currently operating out of its third and most recent venue. 

In February 2018, an exciting addition was made to the establishment by introducing a food menu. This culinary expansion allowed Rockers Brewing Co. to explore unique and creative beer and food pairings, delighting the taste buds of their patrons.

🍺 Ciclops Cyderi & Brewery

Address: 197 E St John St, Spartanburg, SC 29306

Ciclops Cyderi & Brewery offers a diverse selection of craft beverages and a unique dining experience in a vibrant setting. They showcase various styles, including local and regional guest taps. Their selection caters to a wide range of beer preferences.

In addition to their impressive beer offerings, Ciclops Cyderi & Brewery also operates a restaurant on-site, providing a convenient and enjoyable dining experience. While the menu is concise, it offers a selection of delicious dishes that pair perfectly with their craft beverages. Whether you’re looking for a tasty snack to complement your pint or a satisfying meal, you’ll find something to satisfy your appetite.

🍺 Holliday Brewing

Address: 1802 Drayton Rd, Spartanburg, SC 29307

Holliday Brewing, nestled within the historic Drayton Mills in Spartanburg, South Carolina, is a destination for exceptional craft beer. With a focus on well-balanced West Coast-style IPAs, Holliday Brewing boasts an impressive selection of over 30 meticulously crafted recipes spanning various styles.

There is something to suit every taste, from refreshing IPAs, IPLs, and Pilsners to seasonal brews, Red/Blonde/Amber Ales, Marzen, Stout, Porter, and more.

While Holliday Brewing excels in crafting Tropical IPAs, they cater to a diverse range of preferences. For those who aren’t craft beer fanatics, Holliday Brewing also offers an array of top-quality Hard Seltzers in delicious flavors such as Piña Colada, Blueberry Pom, Black Raspberry, Pineapple Guava, Lime, Grapefruit, Mango, and more. 

Flight of Beer

Spartanburg SC: FAQs

📌 Is Spartanburg SC worth visiting?
Spartanburg is worth visiting for its rich history, vibrant arts scene, outdoor recreational opportunities, diverse culinary options, and its proximity to other popular destinations in the Upstate region.

📌 What is Spartanburg famous for?
Spartanburg is famous for its rich textile history, being the birthplace of the textile industry in the South, as well as its vibrant arts scene and annual festivals that celebrate the city’s culture and community.

📌 Why is Spartanburg SC called Sparkle City?
Often referred to as “Sparkle City” due to its historical association with the textile industry, where the glimmering lights from the numerous textile mills at night gave the city a sparkling appearance. The nickname has since become a symbol of Spartanburg’s industrial heritage and resilience.

📌 What is the most visited city in South Carolina?
Charleston is the most visited city in South Carolina, renowned for its historic charm, picturesque architecture, vibrant culture, and scenic coastal location, attracting millions of visitors each year.

📌 Which is bigger, Spartanburg or Greenville?
Greenville is larger than Spartanburg in terms of population and area. As one of the largest cities in South Carolina, Greenville offers a thriving downtown, diverse amenities, and a robust economy.

📌 What food is South Carolina famous for?
South Carolina is famous for its traditional Southern cuisine, with iconic dishes such as shrimp and grits, barbecue (both mustard and vinegar-based styles), hush puppies, collard greens, boiled peanuts, and she-crab soup being popular and well-known culinary specialties in the state.

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